AGA HIT Sling- MK3

  • AGA HIT Sling- MK3


The Mk III variant features 1.5″ webbing for increased comfort over long durations of use and with heavier weapons such as 7.62/.308 rifles. With a standard PB/QD SS as the secondary attachment, it transitions slightly slower from a 2 to 1 point but is easier and slightly faster going from 1 to 2 points. This is a good choice for those looking for the comfort of a padded sling, those employing a 7.62/.308 or higher caliber weapon, or those looking for a more economical option than the higher end Mk IV.
The HIT Sling is a 2 to 1 point sling that transitions from a two point to a single point sling instantly. It is designed for all shooting to be done as a single point while enabling more comfortable carrying as a two-point. It also features built-in retention for actions requiring both hands. A simple and very clean design ensures simplicity of operation without sacrificing any capabilities.
*Does not include a Rail Mounted Swivel Socket*
*For best performance AGA highly recommends using an offset sling point because it keeps the rifle and sling in the most natural position when configured as a two-point.


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