Black Arch Holsters - Glock 43 - ACE1 GEN 2 W/ Suede Backing - Metal Clips - Black

  • Black Arch Holsters - Glock 43 - ACE1 GEN 2 W/ Suede Backing - Metal Clips - Black
  • Black Arch Holsters - Glock 43 - ACE1 GEN 2 W/ Suede Backing - Metal Clips - Black


**All ACE-1 Holsters now come with a free upgrade to our new suede backed Variable Stiffness Backer**

Safety - The ACE-1 has a flared opening, making holstering your weapon easier and safer, as it helps keep your holster from collapsing when empty like many other hybrid holsters.

Comfort - Our exclusive comfort curve technology, the process where we form the Kydex on the sight channel of the pistol at an angle, forces the holster into a curved profile, rather than flat, so it fits you right out of the box, no break in period required.

Concealability - An unintended benefit of the comfort curve is that it turns and holds the grip of your gun in closer to your body, allowing you to be far more concealed when you carry.

Adjustability - Everything on the ACE-1 is adjustable, retention, ride height, and cant. This way, you can fine tune everything to make the ACE-1 truly yours.
Small footprint - Since the first ACE-1 was made back in 2010, it has been one of the smallest dual-clip hybrid holsters on the market. With the Variable Stiffness Backer (VSB), we've reduced the size even further, by 11% to be exact. We bothered to make one of the smallest hybrid holsters even smaller, because that makes it even more comfortable!

The ACE-1 was among first hybrid holsters on the market when it was introduced in 2010, yet it remains at the top of its class because we're continually developing and updating our holsters to make them the best possible products. We never want to sell something that we don't think is the very best on the market!

The biggest recent visual change, is the backer. Thanks to continuing gains in efficiency, we're able to upgrade all of our ACE-1's to include our VSB at no extra cost. It gives both the durability and abrasion-resistance of leather, and the consistency of man-made materials.

The VSB features an incredibly tough leather front, a polymer stiffener, and a comfortable, genuine suede backing. Increasing the benefits of the VSB, the polymer stiffener functions as an impermeable moisture barrier to protect your gun from corrosion, rather than allowing sweat to pass through the holster and onto the inside of the kydex shell or onto the gun directly. Further, thanks to the consistency and controllability of the polymer stiffener, we were able to design it to bend exactly where you need it to most, and be stiff where it needs to be, making it amazingly comfortable.

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