KAK Shockwave Buffer Tube

  • KAK Shockwave Buffer Tube


The KAK Shockwave Tube compliments the the Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizing brace. With 12 adjustment settings, you can position the Shockwave Blade perfectly and this anti-rotation, and anti-thrust design will make sure it stays put while stabilizing your AR-15 pistol. When properly adjusted this makes the Shockwave Blade assembly very rigid for a "one big piece" feel to your pistol. Attaches to your pistol using a standard castle nut (not included) and does not interfere with QD sling type endplates. Accepts all carbine buffer systems.

Brand  Shockwave Technologies
Finish  Anodized Matte Black
Fitment  Shockwave Brace
Material  6061 Aluminum
Platform  AR-15
Style  Pistol
Side Folding  No
Weight  4.8 oz.

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