Mil-Spec Silicone Survival Repair Tape

  • Mil-Spec Silicone Survival Repair Tape
  • Mil-Spec Silicone Survival Repair Tape


Developed for the military this Mil-spec tape is made with a high quality silicone compound which fuses only to itself in seconds when wrapped under tension.


Specifications :

- 21 Mils thick, one of the thickest and strongest in the industry

- No adhesive to deteriorate, fuses only to itself in seconds 

- Won't melt up to +500°F (+260°C)

- Remains flexible up to -80°F (-65°C)

- Forms an air and water tight seal

- Tensile strength of 950 psi

- Insulates to 400 Volts per wrap

- Stretches to 3 times its length 30 feet

- Meets and exceeds Mil Specs

- Made in the U.S.A






Use for almost anything!

- Great for your bug out bag, survival kit, glove box, tool box, boat etc.

- Fast leak repair, fix while material is still wet, radiator, garden hoses etc. 950 psi

- Fishing/marine, waterproof, protect metal connections from corrosion 

- Make emergency o-rings, fan belt, hose repair etc.

- Use it to secure anything without leaving a sticky residue

- Emergency tourniquet/splint or wrap over bleeding injuries

- Wrap tools and handles for a non-slip grip

- Even works on hot/cold, oily, dirty, wet surfaces 

- Resists salt water, oil, solvents, fuels, acids, UV rays

- No mess or cleanup, never gets sticky like electrical tape or duct tape

- Very long shelf life


Color :

Black and Clear


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