Non-Reciprocating Side Charging Billet Ar15 Upper

  • Non-Reciprocating Side Charging Billet Ar15 Upper
  • Non-Reciprocating Side Charging Billet Ar15 Upper


Stay on target with our non-reciprocating multi-caliber AR-15 side charging upper. This upper system allows the shooter to stay on target while charging their AR-15. In addition to decreasing target acquisition time, this side charging upper also prevents gas blow back allowing the shooter to stay completely focused on their target. The multi-caliber assembled side charging upper is machined from 7075 billet aluminum alloy, and Type 3 hard coat anodized. As with traditional mil-caliber uppers, this side charging upper comes complete with dust covers, forward assist, shell deflector, and is compatible with handguards containing anti-rotation tabs. 
Note: Works with 5.56 only, not compatible with 9MM systems.


Safety: The capability to remain on target while performing basic techniques, such as Tap, Rack, Bang (or Immediate Action Drills) as a result of the side charging design (Patent Pending) means that you’ll never have to take your eyes off the target when working the weapon’s action.

Survival: Time/Speed. Less than a second can mean the difference between life and death. The time it takes to clear a malfunction using the Non-Reciprocating Side Charged Upper (Patent Pending) vs. a weapon that utilizes a conventional charging handle design is staggering. Once muscle memory is established, the Non-Reciprocating Side Charging Upper can be cleared of a malfunction utilizing the standard Tap, Rack, Bang technique (Immediate Action Drill) in literally one second, while never taking the weapon, or eyes, off target.

Convenience: When firing a weapon that utilizes a charging handle, gases are naturally forced around the charging handle and blown into the shooter/operator’s face, directly into the eyes. With the absence of a charging handle, gone too is the natural escape route that gases take when shooting, especially in suppressed mode. The Non-Reciprocating Side Charging Upper incorporates a design that prevents gases from escaping by integrating a seal into the bolt cover. Gases that would’ve otherwise been directed into the eyes of the shooter/operator are now forced out the ejection port, away from the shooter/operator. While shooting goggles are still a required safety precaution, they’re no longer a necessity born of gas discharge.

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