Strike Industries MegFins-XL Handguard

  • Strike Industries MegFins-XL Handguard
  • Strike Industries MegFins-XL Handguard


The Mega Fins-XL Handguard Line is the flagship free float rail from Strike Industries. SI is finally offering a wider handguard rail system available in both M-Lok and Key-Mod versions ranging in lengths 7”, 10”, 11”, 12”, 15”, 16.25” and 17”! All lengths, except the 7” model feature an integrated, adjustable flip up front sight, which folds down flush to the rail for the ability to still mount over it if desired. With an internal diameter of 1.51” you can run recessed suppressed or have room for larger diameter muzzle devices if needed. The Strike Industries Mega Fins XL is the ultimate addition to the AR product line!

Package include:
1x Mega Fins XL M-Lok Handguard Rail
1x Mounting Hardware Kit
1x Barrel Nut
1x Barrel Nut Wrench

-Integrated, adjustable; flip up front sight (7" does not have front sight, nor will it fit a suppressor)
-1.51” internal Diameter
-Available in M-Lok and Key-Mod Versions

Length M-Lok (oz) Rail Keymod (oz) Rail
7" 6.2- 5.8
10" 8.6- 8.4
11" 9.2- 8.8
12" 9.8- 9.6
15" 12- 11.6
16" 13.2- 12.8
17" 13.6- 13.2
Barrel Nut & Screws = 6oz

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